What ya’ll wearing?: 5 Online African fashion stores to support for the Black Panther Primer

What ya’ll wearing?: 5 online African fashion stores to support for the Black Panther Premiere

Written by Benjamin Unanaowo

Marvel shared their latest trailer for Black Panther after Kendrick Lamar’s College Football Playoff half-time performance.

With less than 40 days before the film debuts there’s one thing on many anticipated watchers mines:


The threads in the Black Panther film will be a curated dream team mash up of two time Academy Award nominees costume designer  Ruth E. Carter and Nigerian designer Wake Oyejide whose behind the Ikiré Jones label which is a blend of traditional African prints and western attire. While it would be nice to stroll into the premier rocking something from Mr. Oyejide collection, I don’t know about ya’ll cousins but I don’t have vibranium coin money. No worries, here is a list of some nice alternatives.



Right now H&M is none too popular cousins. You will def get a side eye walking into the movies with their threads on. No problem, check out Diyanu they are basically the African H&M in terms of urban options and affordable pricing.Continue reading