Childish Gambino Awaken,My Love!

The Sonic Breakdown

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Written By DeRa Brinson

Donald Glover also known as the artist/rapper Childish Gambino came out with a thoughtful and humorous second studio album Because the Internet. That album was a very good sophomore album that had an interesting perspective and full of creativity. Many people might be like me and know of him first as an actor/comedian then later found out his musical gifts. He is a renaissance man in my opinion as an actor on the television show Community, writer on 30 Rock, stand up comic Wierdo, creator/producer/writer/director of (GREAT FX Show) Atlanta, upcoming Star War’s role as Lando and rapper/artist has three studio albums Camp, Because the Internet and Awaken My Love!. The latest album Awaken, My Love! the titleContinue reading