Sylvan LaCue : Apologies In Advance

Sylvan LaCue : Apologies In Advance

Written by Delmar Napue

My happiness, self worth, and health are all dependent on how close I feel I am to my goals, a habit I pray I learn to break. I’m constantly stressing about the future while constantly being told that I’m only 20 and I have all the time in the world, but time isn’t enough for me, nothing seems to be enough for me. Every step I take in the name of progression leads me further down a rabbit hole filled cocktail of low confidence in my art, depression, and anxiety. I used to turn to different sources to help me find answers, after awhile I just wanted to find someone that understood.

Listening to Sylvan LaCue’s latest effort Apologies In Advance, I came away from the album feeling understood on multiple levels. Both the songs and the AA meeting styled skits provided me with a special sense of hope and motivation. Hearing youth echo the same thoughts and struggles I’ve had but also couple those issues with solutions let me know that I have the power to pull myself out of any cloud of confusion, and that’s a lesson that will remain true for the rest of my life.

What I feel Sylvan LaCue does best on this album is highlight the importance of community, communication, and vulnerability. The songs on this album are all introspective and relatable but the skits are a different animal altogether. Each skit highlights the system of reward in a community, a transaction of sorts. Having trust in your group leads to having the confidence to appear vulnerable, allowing for growth. Listening to each person share each insecurity or struggle after the next it’s clear that everyone is drawing power from the room as a whole.

In years to come I hope this album is recognized for being groundbreaking in terms of helping to further introduce the concept of therapy in Hip Hop. I myself have just come around to the idea of therapy in recent years but I know so many others still on the fence when they shouldn’t be. As a Black man, growing up around other black people, you were viewed as a crazy person if it was found that you go to therapy. As I get older I now understand that therapy is nothing more than maintenance for your brain and soul. Sylvan Lacue gave us an amazing album because it’s more than lyrical, it’s more than just great production, at the end of the day, the album is just a conversation many of us need.


XXXTentacion: Beautiful Music and Painful Content

Beautiful Music and Painful Content

Written by Jason Terrell

TheSonicbreakdown.com is aware of the legal claims against this artist and do not condone any violence of any kind which includes domestic violence.  At this time he is still being investigated and we will let the legal system determine his guilt or innocence.  So please keep that in mind as you read this article.

If you’re like me, then you probably never heard of XXXTentacion, or if you have heard of him, it may not be in the best of situations [XXXTentacion Gets Punched While Performing on Stage in San Diego]. I admit that I wrote Triple X off, and I had no intention of listening to this project, but DAMN I was wrong!

“17” is the first major release of XXXTentacion, and he establishes himself as a pioneer of his class. It’s hard to describe his style but picture the creativity of Chance the Rapper wrapped in an Emo package, that’s XXX. I’d call him the Anti-Chance. I don’t mean they have any personal beef but he’s the Anti-Chance purely in content. Both are creative and have a good ear for music but where Chance is full of joy and gospel, XXX takes a moodier approach and his content is about about rage and depression.Continue reading