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Night with Syd tha Kid

Night with Syd tha Kyd

Written by Bettina Mayberry

THE TIME: 8:17 pm.

THE LOCATION: Downtown Dallas

“Omg bruh. They deep as HELL out here!!! I mean I knew there was going to be a good turnout but like this though??! I hope I’m able to actually get in” I blurted aloud as I sat in the backseat of my UBER, twisting my hair anxiously as my driver pulled up to the venue on this clear, warm night.

The line wrapped around the building of the famous South Side Music Hall November 14 as an eclectic, beautiful mix of excited concert goers waited outside in palpable anticipation to see Syd as she stopped by for the Dallas leg of her Always Never Home Tour.   Continue reading

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Meek Mill: Wins & Losses

Meek Mill : Wins & Losses

Written by Delmar Napue

Earlier this year Meek Mill released his highly anticipated 3rd studio album, “Wins & Losses”. An album surrounded by much speculation because of the drama filled 2 Years Meek has gone through. Both his haters and supporters eager to see if he can bounce back from the perceived “L’s” he’d taken. Many wondered if his relationship and break up with pop star Nicki Minaj, rap beefs with Drake and numerous others, along with the social media backlash would finally put a chink in his armor, and with the title “Wins & Losses”, for many, that theory was all but confirmed. Continue reading

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Big K.R.I.T. 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time

King Remembered in Time (K.R.I.T.)

Written by Jason Terrell

I met K.R.I.T. at a concert in Atlanta in 2009. At the time, he was early into his career, and the club was empty, so I had the opportunity to stand a couple of feet away as he flowed through “Children of the World.” Afterwards, I went to shake his hand and told him that I felt his song on a deep level and he told me to “stay up, more music was to come.” So I am pretty invested in K.R.I.T.’s music and honestly believe his name rings bells. “K.R.I.T. stands for King Remembered in Time, AKA- Although they don’t see me now, they will one day. Continue reading

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Sabrina Claudio About Time

Its Sabrina Claudio’s “About Time


Written by Jennifer Alfaro

Rhythm and blues, the gateway to delicate souls. The subgenres contemporary R&B can be categorized has expanded throughout the years, from old school funk to pop soul to alternative R&B. For 21-year-old Sabrina Claudio, redefining R&B and separating herself from her contemporaries is something she does well. The Miami native is a breath of fresh air, a young woman whose songs like “Unravel Me” and “Everlasting Love” off her new EP “About Time” demonstrate the true art of seduction with innocence and simplicity.

She has blossomed before our eyes, gracing fans with an EP “Confidently Lost” in May of this year. The 26-minute project features original pieces serves as a quick introduction to who Sabrina Claudio is. The loveliness and effortlessness of Claudio’s voice attracts the late-night listener, slow jams for the soul.

“About Time” gave the singer the opportunity to showcase her versatility and vulnerability. With more of an established platform off the success of her first project, Claudio took risks and branches into different sounds which complimented her songwriting and vocals. Songs like “Used To” took an Afro-beat approach vs “Frozen” which channeled her inner sensuality and intimacy. She is charming, soothing and clear with her intent while luring listeners into her heart.

With two Eps under her belt, Claudio has generated a fan base that continues to fall in love with her music as well as her aesthetic. She is stunning and has the voice of an angel, a blossoming rose.

“Belong to You Remix” featuring 6lack demonstrates the chemistry the R&B geniuses have together. It is an understatement to say their upcoming tour together will captivate many as Claudio will be supporting 6lack on the Free 6lack tour this fall.

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Jhenè Aiko Trip

Jhenè Aiko : Trip

Written by Delmar Napue

No matter the gender or ethnicity one of the most common things humans do, is somehow manage to relate everything we come across in this world back to ourselves. It’s natural, this is one of the best tools we use to help us process and understand information. In my case, running through Jhenè Aiko’s album “Trip” time and time again has reinforced that, I am no different from anyone else. In this album JhenèContinue reading

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XXXTentacion: Beautiful Music and Painful Content

Beautiful Music and Painful Content

Written by Jason Terrell is aware of the legal claims against this artist and do not condone any violence of any kind which includes domestic violence.  At this time he is still being investigated and we will let the legal system determine his guilt or innocence.  So please keep that in mind as you read this article.

If you’re like me, then you probably never heard of XXXTentacion, or if you have heard of him, it may not be in the best of situations [XXXTentacion Gets Punched While Performing on Stage in San Diego]. I admit that I wrote Triple X off, and I had no intention of listening to this project, but DAMN I was wrong!

“17” is the first major release of XXXTentacion, and he establishes himself as a pioneer of his class. It’s hard to describe his style but picture the creativity of Chance the Rapper wrapped in an Emo package, that’s XXX. I’d call him the Anti-Chance. I don’t mean they have any personal beef but he’s the Anti-Chance purely in content. Both are creative and have a good ear for music but where Chance is full of joy and gospel, XXX takes a moodier approach and his content is about about rage and depression.Continue reading

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Gil Scott Heron Pieces Of A Man

Gil Scott Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Written by Delmar Napue

After another disappointing release from Kanye West last year I went back in his catalog and decided to listen to some of the music that I felt made him great. I start with Late Registration, An album that was filled with soul beats, one of a kind features, and most importantly, samples. I’m skimming song after song until I reach the 7th track “My Way Home” featuring another Chicago legend, Common. I press play and suddenly I’m hit with a smooth, slowed down, jazzy voice singing “I’m on my way home”. Curiosity sets in as I’m now googling who it was Kanye sampled until the name Gil Scott Heron pops up.Continue reading

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Vince Staples Big Fish Theory

Vince Staple’s Theory of The Big Fish

Written by Jennifer Alfaro

Vince Staples secured the bass in his latest album “Big Fish Theory” and I cannot get enough. He takes a turn into an experimental route, adopting more electronic and bright sounds that sonically contrasts from his previous projects. Although it sounds different, the messages stay consistent. A very blunt Vince poetically addressing social concerns, including black struggle in America.Continue reading

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Vulnerability. Prosperity. CTRL

Written by Jennifer Alfaro

First lady of TDE, the queen, the one and only, finally released her highly anticipated album “CTRL”, which has had a grip on my life since June 9. 

Within the first 40 seconds, SZA’s vulnerability is clear as she finally decides to leave a toxic relationship, a relationship in which she was cheated on. It makes you feel for her, such a sweetheart like who would you cheat on SZA with? Let me know! Anyways, she continues with Continue reading