What ya’ll wearing?: 5 Online African fashion stores to support for the Black Panther Primer

What ya’ll wearing?: 5 Online African fashion stores to support for the Black Panther Primer

What ya’ll wearing?: 5 online African fashion stores to support for the Black Panther Premiere

Written by Benjamin Unanaowo

Marvel shared their latest trailer for Black Panther after Kendrick Lamar’s College Football Playoff half-time performance.

With less than 40 days before the film debuts there’s one thing on many anticipated watchers mines:


The threads in the Black Panther film will be a curated dream team mash up of two time Academy Award nominees costume designer  Ruth E. Carter and Nigerian designer Wake Oyejide whose behind the Ikiré Jones label which is a blend of traditional African prints and western attire. While it would be nice to stroll into the premier rocking something from Mr. Oyejide collection, I don’t know about ya’ll cousins but I don’t have vibranium coin money. No worries, here is a list of some nice alternatives.



Right now H&M is none too popular cousins. You will def get a side eye walking into the movies with their threads on. No problem, check out Diyanu they are basically the African H&M in terms of urban options and affordable pricing.



Every queen deserves a crown and what better way to adorn yourself in on of these fly head-wraps from UK Fanm Djanm. Their collection offers a wide array of colors and patterns that can be tied into a multitude of styles. Check out one of their how-to video’s  https://vimeo.com/173909278 



Handmade beautiful African prints clothing handmade in Cameroon and the UK Grass-fields boasts an impressive array of apparel. With clothing for children and teens, the whole family can be dressed to view the royal family of Wakanda. Moreover, all ladies sizes are not only welcomed but flattered. There is a host of plus-size models and patrons that frequent their social media sites, so rejoice curry chicks they got ya back.

Pocket Square Project


The Pocket Square Project helps young Kenyan artists, many of whom suffer from HIV. If you’ve shopped with Warby Parker or Tom’s you’re already hip to philanthropic fashion. Beyond the style, these companies employ a sense of philanthropy by pledging to give a pair of glasses or shoes away to the less fortunate with every purchase. Well now you can accessorize and give back to the motherland in style. 

Okeri Collection


Black girl Magic stalwart and t-shirt fashionista Issa Rae has made Afrocentric t-shirts all the rage figuratively and literally. Okeri Collection is a Nigerian run online clothing store with some dope apparel. Pair some of their stylish tee’s with a blazer and Azonto into the theater and get all of your life.

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