What A DAMN Knight!

What A DAMN Knight!

What A DAMN Knight!

Written by Jennifer Alfaro

As soon as Kendrick Lamar announced he would be hitting the road on the DAMN tour with Travis Scott, D.R.A.M., and YG on select dates, I mentally prepared my pockets. Being an avid concert goer, I REFUSE to be far from any performer, especially my favorites like King Kendrick. This can mean sitting outside a venue for hours to be first row, or in this case, buying overpriced resold tickets off StubHub. It is what it is for the love of music!

Fans showed up in thousands to the first sold out show in Brooklyn, coming to support not only Kendrick but also Travis Scott.

Travis opened with “the ends”, the intro to his latest album “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight”. Like any other Travis concert, the crowd went crazy. I was lucky enough to cop tickets on the floor level, just three rows away from the stage, but not so lucky when it came to Travis’ performance. About three songs in, the bird that has been seen all over social media scooped Scott as he strapped on for the ride, performing the majority of his set in the air. At one point, my neck was over it (sorry Travis, shit was dope though).

There was about a 20-minute intermission before King Kendrick took stage and my energy went from 100 to 129307+. He opened with a The Legend of Kung Fu Kenny, his own take of a kung-fu film which he debuted in Coachella a few months ago. Kung Fu Muthafuckin Kenny, the one and only!

He blesses the stage, starting off with one of my favorite tracks, DNA. The backdrop of the Fox News snippet which he sampled in the song began rolling before the beat dropped. At one point, a martial arts themed dancer dressed as ninja began swinging his sword TOO close to Kendrick like? Back up!

Kenny’s setlist went as back as “Good Kidd, Maad City”, as he performed the tracks that got him mainstream recognition such as “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”, “Money Trees”, “Swimming Pools” and more. He took a journey back to “To Pimp a Butterfly” as well as “Untitled Unmastered”, performing two tracks off of each project.

Along with performing songs off his own projects, Dot decided to grace us with his verses off Collard Greens and Mask Off remix – the hype was real.

Kendrick’s setlist was perfect, performing his strongest songs accompanied with amazing backdrops. Before performing LUST and making his way to an elevated stage located farther from the mainstage – closer to the center of the floor- Ken decided to switch his fit, going from a yellow tracksuit to a red one, so classy! Short skits and performances by martial arts themed dancers during XXX, PRIDE, and other tracks off DAMN made it not only enjoyable and interesting for the audience but also saved Dot time to set up for following songs.

Excitement. Explosions. Energy. ELEMENT! Kendrick was in his element, making the DAMN tour one, if not, is the best show I have attended thus far. Lamar has molded himself into not only of the best artists of our era, but a master of his craft. Kung Fu Muthafuckin Kenny, the one and only.

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