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FØRTY’s goth aesthetic has caught the eyes of the underground scene in Elizabeth, New Jersey and continues to blossom with every set. With her bubbly charisma, approachable personality, and natural talent, no wonder she’s got support from her city cheering on her progress! The up-and-coming DJ born and raised in Elizabeth is on a mission to put her city on and make a comfortable environment for the alternative crowd. With her original mixes full of versatile taste in tunes and podcast ( with her other half, Helen (, forming HEXGIRLS, there no sign of FØRTY slowing down.

So, what’s your goal as a DJ?

I want to DJ for artists, open events.. I was first inspired by Odalys. She’s a famous model and DJ in New York. I saw her at a Carti show and she just had the crowd lit and I just want to have a crowd like that.  My whole life, I’ve been underestimated as a female in general so whenever I would talk to people about music, they would just downplay it because I’m a female so I want to give females the opportunity… like an open door. I want other females to do the same as me too! For podcasting, my cohost is Helen and we have HexGirls together. It’s kind of like our brand so whatever I do, Helen does like if I blow up tomorrow, Helens coming with me. We podcast together, we’re vlogging, and we want to do events and want to open our own venue in the future, that’s something everyone should look out for. We want weird kids, alternative goth kids to be themselves and have an outlet to create cause there’s nowhere like that in Elizabeth so we want to put people on that. Its not only an outlet for them but also for us because we have to go all the way to New York to find these places and its annoying.

I think you and Helen are great at building your brand and people know what you go by…

That’s what everybody should take into account. What are people gonna know you for?

When I see “47” I think of Pro Era, Joey Bada$$ or the hat..

Yeah, that’s what I got it from! 47 from (Capital) Steez and Tails from Naruto

I know in Jersey and New York, we don’t really like supporting each other but when you DJ, you play local artists and do chops and screws (  of artists we know which is very cool.

Yeah, so I just started chopping and screwing. Its kind of hard to learn but you just need an ear for it and I started doing Lil $kam( because he’s been supporting me, even before I started DJ’ing and I liked his song “All Along” and I also did d.frasr ( I like doing people that are genuine as fuck and I wish the scene in Elizabeth can be together and supportive, there’s a lot of tension. I started mixing so I could get a foot into DJ’ing, a foot into chopping and screwing, and that develops your ear for music and on top of that, mixes are fun to listen to in the car when you’re driving and just to build a name for myself.

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