4 songs to add to your #WCW Playlist

4 songs to add to your #WCW Playlist

4 songs to add to your #WCW Playlist

By Benjamin Unanaowo

Halloweens over and preseason for cuffing season has ended. As sure as the autumn leaves will fall you’ve already probably fallen for your social media crush. These 5 tracks may give you the confidence to slide in the DM’s but beware; Halloween, may be over but you can still get shredded worst then a horror flick.

Crush – Yuna ft Usher

This song right here has always been a favorite, from the soulful lightly spun opening that Yuna delivers followed by the heartfelt falsetto of Usher.  This track encapsulates the opening stages of a crush.  The kind of emotions that leave you smiling for no reason at all. Daydreaming about picnics and driving with the top down on a sunny winter day.


Hey Lover – LLcool J ft Boyz to Men

Classic track from the 90’s from LL Cool J and Boyz to Men may touch the inner stalker in you. You know who you are! If you’ve ever peeped your crushes cryptic “I’ just want a love like…” social media messages then here’s a song you can relate to. Just remember if that status ever turns to single make good on treating her better than their last.

Girl – 1500 or Nothin

Yes this version is better than “The Internet” so get over it. The guitar riff mixed with the vocals evokes the passion you feel when you come back to a notification and realize your crush has double tapped and left a comment.

Every Kind of Way- H.E.R.

In this double tap world where we look for love in a swipe left and right society we have an unrelenting need to assign unrealistic faces and bodies to match our shallow expectations. However when you feeling your crush in “Every Kind of Way” you’ll be happy to just gaze upon her anonymous silhouette like H.E.R.

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