Sule -'"Park Avenue"

Sule -‘”Park Avenue”

Sule -’ “Park Avenue”

Written by Jason Terrell

Sule is a lyricist hailing from Englewood, NJ. Coming off of his latest project, “Park Avenue”, Sule releases an East Coast banger with consistent bars and flow. “Park Avenue” was an easy listen and an equally easy review. Put it on, relax, and listen to Sule’s flow.


The production on this project is #dope! Filled with a lot of boombap sounds, “Park Avenue” keeps it authentic and pays homage to traditional East Coast style. There were a quite few producers who blessed this project but my personal standout was track 6- “The Palisades” produced by AllCeven. Sonically, its smooth and reminds me of a summer drive with the windows down. The track seems to be inspired by Camp Lo’s “Luchini”, one of my all time favorite productions, and Sule & the featured artist, Bleeze give them a lyrical shoutout throughout the track. Overall, Sule demonstrates a strong ear for production and it’s evident that there was thought and intentionality behind each beat selection.


It’s refreshing to hear a lyrist. Sule has a natural flow and rides over each production effortlessly. From the opening track “Breathe Easy”, Sule tells you what he’s all about- “ I couldn’t mumble rap if I tried to, Niggas so Breathe Easy”. In each track on “Park Avenue”, Sule’s rhythm and lyrics help paint a strong picture. Even on “Tease”, a love joint, Sule describes his relationship journey and is able to help the listener walk through his mind with quick jabs and slick punchlines- “I’m trying to put her to bed like she just slept in pajamas”.


Honestly, I don’t have any harsh feedback around the production, flow, or lyricism of Sule on “Park Avenue”. I really want to hear more music and more cohesion. I think Sule has room to grow when making a cohesive album that is thematic, has a central vision, and longer tracks.


Despite the theme, Sule has promise and I am looking to see him develop further while releasing more music.

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