Sabrina Claudio About Time

Sabrina Claudio About Time

Its Sabrina Claudio’s “About Time


Written by Jennifer Alfaro

Rhythm and blues, the gateway to delicate souls. The subgenres contemporary R&B can be categorized has expanded throughout the years, from old school funk to pop soul to alternative R&B. For 21-year-old Sabrina Claudio, redefining R&B and separating herself from her contemporaries is something she does well. The Miami native is a breath of fresh air, a young woman whose songs like “Unravel Me” and “Everlasting Love” off her new EP “About Time” demonstrate the true art of seduction with innocence and simplicity.

She has blossomed before our eyes, gracing fans with an EP “Confidently Lost” in May of this year. The 26-minute project features original pieces serves as a quick introduction to who Sabrina Claudio is. The loveliness and effortlessness of Claudio’s voice attracts the late-night listener, slow jams for the soul.

“About Time” gave the singer the opportunity to showcase her versatility and vulnerability. With more of an established platform off the success of her first project, Claudio took risks and branches into different sounds which complimented her songwriting and vocals. Songs like “Used To” took an Afro-beat approach vs “Frozen” which channeled her inner sensuality and intimacy. She is charming, soothing and clear with her intent while luring listeners into her heart.

With two Eps under her belt, Claudio has generated a fan base that continues to fall in love with her music as well as her aesthetic. She is stunning and has the voice of an angel, a blossoming rose.

“Belong to You Remix” featuring 6lack demonstrates the chemistry the R&B geniuses have together. It is an understatement to say their upcoming tour together will captivate many as Claudio will be supporting 6lack on the Free 6lack tour this fall.

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