Mxrc Clxrk Good Vibes & Broken Hearts

Mxrc Clxrk Good Vibes & Broken Hearts

“I hide my face because the flesh is flawed. But the mind of the man is beautiful. Seek my truth through my music and embrace me.” Mxrc Clxrk

Written by Jason Terrell

I’ve been sitting with MxrcClxrk for a few weeks, and throughout this time, I grew closer into his latest release “Good Vibes & Broken Hearts.” When I say I had to grow, I mean that “Good Vibes & Broken Hearts” is just that, it’s good vibes and broken hearts. Clxrk takes a melodic and trippy approach to address questions on relationships, love, and sex. That is the overall spirit that I suggest having before you walk into this project. If you are willing to be open, this project is going to place you in a self-reflecting journey.

Let’s break down the project into the themes of “Good Vibes & Broken Hearts”.

Good Vibes: 

Clxrk uses production and melody to paint trippy and smooth sounds. His ear for production is sharp, and I constantly replayed Secret Delight and Until Next Time, learning something new from the production with each listen. I’ll put money you don’t have Secret Delight on repeat. On the track, Clxrk dances with the beat by flowing between jazz horns and a Rare Silk sample.

His ability to create Good Vibes is heard on tracks like Have you Ever. This track takes a different approach from the jazzy Secret Delight by adopting a “boom bap” percussion. Regardless, Clxrk demonstrates his ability to stay in the pocket, deliver a message, and relax the listener.

Broken Hearts:

Clxrk completely ignores Jay-Z’s 99 Problems by sharing his challenges with relationships, trust issues, communication, and love. Tracks, like Come Back and Gone, speaks to the misery and back and forth communication of relationships and ask some tough questions about the idea of love and being in love. Clxrk even names a few tracks Broken Hearts vs. Guarded Hearts and Do You Believe in Love where he asks his girl and the listener to sit with the ideas of love.

Clxrk isn’t Drake’s Marvin Room crying over women, but he takes a more realistic approach to relationships: Love is real, beautiful and ugly at the same time.

My Closeout:

Themed albums have been done before, and they will continue to be produced, but it’s going to take creative measures to make them different. The downside of “Good Vibes & Broken Hearts” was that it reminds me a lot Mick Jenkins “Waters,” “Waves,” and “THC,” especially “THC,” almost too similar to “THC.” Clxrk’s Broken Hearts vs. Guarded and Jenkins’ This Type of Love interlude are too close. I wonder if this is any relationship between the tracks…..

Overall, I’m very impressed with the production of the project. The music was vivid. Clxrk has a good ear for choosing sounds that create an atmosphere, and when I got in the right mood, I was able to vibe with his project. I’m looking forward to more music.

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