Meek Mill: Wins & Losses

Meek Mill: Wins & Losses

Meek Mill : Wins & Losses

Written by Delmar Napue

Earlier this year Meek Mill released his highly anticipated 3rd studio album, “Wins & Losses”. An album surrounded by much speculation because of the drama filled 2 Years Meek has gone through. Both his haters and supporters eager to see if he can bounce back from the perceived “L’s” he’d taken. Many wondered if his relationship and break up with pop star Nicki Minaj, rap beefs with Drake and numerous others, along with the social media backlash would finally put a chink in his armor, and with the title “Wins & Losses”, for many, that theory was all but confirmed.

You could pencil this album in as a humble introspective Meek, a Meek who’d finally admit to the L’s most of us thought he’d taken in that 2 year span. The album drops and surprise surprise, that’s not what we got. Meek is still braggadocious and resilient as ever. On “Wins & Losses he returned to reiterate that his definition of losses were different from ours, that he does what he does for the streets and that’s all that ever mattered to him. I myself loved the album and thought it was album of the year at the time and was his best to date, but despite that sentiment I never felt the need to review the album until recently.

Almost 4 months later I find myself replaying and reviewing the album because Meek Mill is in jail again. This time for allegedly violating his probation. On March 15, 2017 Meek was arrested for fighting at a St. Louis Airport and once again on August 18th for reckless driving(riding a dirt bike). Both charges were dropped, both the district attorney and probation officer recommended he’d receive no jail time yet he was sentenced 2-4 years in jail anyway. For years, and on this album especially, Meek has voiced his concern and displeasure about Black people being viewed, policed, and judged unfairly in America. Meek knows this all too well because he’s been on probation since he was 18, he’s 30 now. Yes, he’s been on probation 12 years. As a result of being on probation so long and constantly raps about his probation officer and judge being against him. So when I first heard the news he was going to jail I was almost more annoyed with Meek than the system. My logic was if you know you’re a target, and both your judge and probation officer are out to get you then you should walk the straightest path possible. Don’t even give them a reason to take you down because you as a black person should know your at a disadvantage. But recently someone I respect approached me with a different perspective. They brought up Brock Turner, a 20 year old white man convicted of rape. Turner was only sentenced to 6 months in jail and only to completed 3 months. Or the countless white officers shooting and killing unarmed black men with no conviction or consequence. He held these examples up to say these laws we abide by and judicial system were forced in should house my blame. Not the man who’s clearly a victim of it.

This album “Wins & Losses” holds more weight than I think he or any of us imagined it would. It’s a reminder that with anything in life you’ll at some point fail but you’ll also succeed as well. But what’s important is that you keep pushing regardless of the outcome because that’s the only way things improve.


Editors note: You can listen to the Stay Woke! Podcast review of this album here

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