K.I Breaux’s “Too Close”

K.I Breaux’s “Too Close”

“Too Close”

K.I Breaux is an recording artist under “Live City Sound”. he is known for his popular series and mantra “ODOTGL” meaning “Over Dose on That Good Love”, part one was given in 2012 and he is currently prepping the release of the second installment. Late fall of 2016 we were gifted a 10 song R&B collaborative project by the name of “House of Dreams” with Montavious Zoid. HOD sprung the jazzy dance hall single “9pm” with the project being streamed 20k times in the first week. Going back to his roots K.I born in Los Angeles in the late eighties during a time when LA was looked at as a unstable giant. He spent a portion of his life there before moving to Denver, in which he and his crew refer as the “3 Side”. Music has always been in his roots with his father being from one of the nations staple city New Orleans. K.I being cousins with one of the industry’s most notable crooners Frank Ocean, it’s not hard to tell the apple does not far from the tree. His vision and idea for his Live City imprint and team is to keep everything in house as far as visuals and design, while collaborating with the right individuals that share the same genius. He is currently in prod on a secret project titled “Lightning Never Strikes Twice” due out in March which features the lead single “Too Close”.

Written by Jen Alfaro

K.I Breaux’s “Too Close” challenges a very vulnerable question, how much you got to know before you get too close? Infatuation over another who can easily break hearts. Taking the risk in order to reach the fulfillment of happiness and love. The feeling of struggling to breathe without your heart stopping next to the one you want so close, but what are the risks? He teams up with Elae, a singer with a beautiful range, who captures the honesty and genuine compassion for this love interest that may be questioning the authenticity of “love” in a world that does not necessarily believe in the concept. The slow tempo feels up close and personal with lyrics that match that energy. With the two spilling their emotions about love, it is hard not to relate on some level, or hope to one day. The slow tempo feels up close and personal with lyrics that match that energy.

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