Mxrc Clxrk Good Vibes & Broken Hearts | Album reviews

Mxrc Clxrk Good Vibes & Broken Hearts

“I hide my face because the flesh is flawed. But the mind of the man is beautiful. Seek my truth through my music and embrace me.” Mxrc Clxrk

Written by Jason Terrell

I’ve been sitting with MxrcClxrk for a few weeks, and throughout this time, I grew closer into his latest release “Good Vibes & Broken Hearts.” When I say I had to grow, I mean that “Good Vibes & Broken Hearts” is just that, it’s good vibes and broken hearts. Clxrk takes a melodic and trippy approach to address questions on relationships, love, and sex. That is the overall spirit that I suggest having before you walk into this project. If you are willing to be open, this project is going to place you in a self-reflecting journey.

Let’s break down the project into the themes of “Good Vibes & Broken Hearts”.Continue reading

Mxrc Clxrk Good Vibes & Broken Hearts | Album reviews

Joe Budden Some Love Lost


Written by Delmar Napue

The third album in the “Love Lost” series is a series in which we see Joe dissect a bevy of issues taking place in his life. Issues like strained relationships, depression, drug use etc. These topics and more all overlap throughout the series but the album I feel most connected to is the “Some Love Lost” album, the second of the series. This album touches me so much because like him, and many others, I’m someone who’s had bouts with depression. Listening to this album is like having someone project and convey all the right tones and words to describe what I’m to scared to talk about, everything from self doubt, puzzling interactions, and conflicting thoughts you have when you’re under that dark cloud. Feelings that only a lyricist like Joe could describe are unraveled and analyzed through his clear but hazed eyes.Continue reading