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Mick Jenkins Wave[s]

waves6Written by DeRa Brinson

This Sonic Breakdown will cover Mick Jenkins’s EP Wave[s]. This is the second Mick Jenkins album I have heard; the first album, The Water[s], came out in 2014. I think his first album is a great album from concept to execution, creating a complete atmosphere revolving around and encompassing the nuances of water as a metaphor or allegory from spiritually, physical, and ideological premises. That album stays in heavy rotation, causing anticipation for this EP and his next full album. This review will be presented as usual with a breakdown of each track followed by a conclusion on the album as a whole.

A darker almost sullen feeling is expressed on this track, emulating a similar atmosphere from his previous album. This gives an indication in conjunction with the title of the album that this is a sequel, or maybe a Continue reading